Forward Osmosis with Reverse Osmosis or Membrane Distillation to concentrate fouling feed streams

Welcome to our project

An international consortium applying
FO-RO and FO-MD for highly fouling feed stream. 

May 2016-October 2018

For environmental sustainable concentration processes for industry, higher energy efficiency and saving costs. 

In ComFORMD we design, construct and test FO-RO and FO-MD pilot systems for feed stream treatment on site. Feed streams are from a municipal wastewater treatment plant (WBL) and a landfill site (Attero). For optimal system design, we integrate draw solution selection, waste heat harvesting and concentrate treatment.  

Kick-off of the project took place on 13th May 2016. Our project ends in October 2018. BLUE-tec is main coordinator of the consortium. The planning of the project and the on going work packages is illustrated below.

The pilot was constructed by BLUE-tec in work package 3.  In the following picture is the FO-RO/MD pilot illustrated.


The FO-RO / MD pilot plant was for 6 month's at Simpelveld. At Simpelveld there were experiments done with municipal wastewater. The wastewater was being concentrated . The concentrate was send to EAWAG to be digested.  

The picture below is showing the Set-up of the pilot at Simpelveld. This consisted of a small pre-treatment (vibrating screen) and the pilot plant in a container.